Tuesday, February 24, 2009

my experiance

i totaly for got to put up my experience there. Fortunately i have been there like 200 times in the past year so i have plenty of experiences to draw from.

When I entered Sumo i was promply greeted by the host and shown to my seat. after i was seated our waitress (named June) came up and gave us hot towels in which to wash our hands. As we did that she took our drink orders and by the time we were done with the towels she had our drink orders and took the towels back. As we sat we contemplated our sushi future. When she came back with our drinks we already knew what we liked so we were ready to order. I ordered the spicy cowboy(my favorite....ever.) Then as we talked we were brought Miso sooup which comes along with the meal with the optional clear soup instead. The spicy cowboy was brought out in about 10 minutes and was so delicious. Shrimp tempura with avacado with crabmeat on top and 2 spicy sauces on it. I devoured it quickly and i also got a side of fried rice because their rice is like the absolute best. Over all it was about 10 dollars or something. it was awesome. cheap. close. and delicious. what more can you ask for?

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