Tuesday, April 28, 2009

flash sucks

i was trying to do the GetURL in flash for my opening video and it was failing epically . I even got help from 2 people and they could'nt make it work. So i i just put one of those buttons that says skip movie...i don't like that route but i had to do it... sad.

for my home page

when you get to my home page this is what you will see....

bad resume

so i did my resume and its pretty pathetic. i don't really have any experience or stuff like that in this field so i just kinda put the best i could. I don't care to post it here cuz it's pretty bad.



So i just built my intro to my web site and it looks pretty snazzy. I wanted it to be like an epic transformer with that sweet horizon behind. So i have the main area come up with a robot sound behind it. And the a pedistle come up from that. Then a wheel with my initals fly out and connect there. Then the menu bar folds out from behind. its pretty cool

Saturday, April 25, 2009


I have an idea. i wanted my site to be sleek and cool like a car commercial. I want it to be modern and cool looking. So i began toying around in photoshop. Squeezing all of my mind grapes of all their creative juices... until i came up with this...

it took me quite a while to do all that and make it to my liking. I originally had more things blue, but i liked the subtlety of the blue slightly in the background. Also i dont know what to put in the buttons since we need like a "About me" button and a "portfolio" button.... thats pretty much it. So ill proably link to this blog and i dont know what else...

portfolio peices (of poop)

ok well at least i have some stuff to put in my portfolio page when i think of how to make it. i have some graphic projects i made in after effects... i think ill put those up. I also have some stuff i did in photoshop class that i kinda liked. There was cool pics where i restored old photos... i coudl put those up. check it...


thats right i made that hair my self... not the best.. but pretty good i think for just starting in photoshop at the time...

check out these other old pictures i restored...


check it out... i made it not yellow and stuff and i didnt like that guy on the left so i made him go away

back in time

i have been working on this for a bit i just forgot to blog about it. so im gonna make it seem like im jsut beginning and take you through how my mind worked.....

ok so we have this portfolio project and im worred cuz i dont really have much to put in there and what i do have is pretty rough. I also have been racking my brain to come up with some design. I pretty much sat for like an hour the other day jsut staring at my screen trying to think of something. I also searched the web for inspiration but nothing worked. I came really close to just trying to download a template and use that... of course it would have looked way beyond my capabilites but still... i thought about it.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

form problems

My form is coming along nicely. I'm not sure what the form is supposed to consist of, but i think i figured it out

cutting myself

i tried slicing up the website and it just didnt work. It was giving me more problems than i wanted to deal with. So i just have the general outline for the page and i put stuff ontop of it in div layers. Easy and yet so much Div-ing.... it sucks.

good morning

hey. it is now almost 7 am. The sun is just coming up over the horizon and here i am... workin for Modena Furniture. I have class in an hour. Joy of Joys! I'm still not quite sure if i will attend class or go to sleep at 8 and then awaken upon the strike of 2pm to turn in my sad furniture store webpage. we will see