Tuesday, February 24, 2009

my experiance

i totaly for got to put up my experience there. Fortunately i have been there like 200 times in the past year so i have plenty of experiences to draw from.

When I entered Sumo i was promply greeted by the host and shown to my seat. after i was seated our waitress (named June) came up and gave us hot towels in which to wash our hands. As we did that she took our drink orders and by the time we were done with the towels she had our drink orders and took the towels back. As we sat we contemplated our sushi future. When she came back with our drinks we already knew what we liked so we were ready to order. I ordered the spicy cowboy(my favorite....ever.) Then as we talked we were brought Miso sooup which comes along with the meal with the optional clear soup instead. The spicy cowboy was brought out in about 10 minutes and was so delicious. Shrimp tempura with avacado with crabmeat on top and 2 spicy sauces on it. I devoured it quickly and i also got a side of fried rice because their rice is like the absolute best. Over all it was about 10 dollars or something. it was awesome. cheap. close. and delicious. what more can you ask for?

video fail

it was always my intention to have a video on how to use chopsticks. I had alot of trouble with the video on flash and even now it doesnt work right. the audio plays in normal speed but the video plays in half speed. fail

failed idea

i was going to have the chopsticks animate and grab the symbol on the left and take it off screen and have a crunch noise and come back on half eaten. but i had trouble with it and didnt want to bother with it.
i was gonna go with the symbols down the side but choose to stick with the minimalist-ness of the japanese and just do the one big symbol to the left. Also the tree wasnt really working for me and i couldnt get the white out. so i lost it as well. 

this is my original idea

the competition

the competition for sumo would most likely be Fuji sushi and Kabuki sushi.
Fuji is the main competition because it is right down the street from Sumo and is relatively the same. I have long heard of the rivalry between people at OC's preferences. Many prefer Sumo (me included) and many prefer Fuji (idiots).
Kabuki is brand new and more upscale and because of that more expensive. I don't know if that makes it a part of the competition because the price ranges are so different but Kabuki is just donwn the street from Sumo and Fuji.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

other websites i liked

Chick fil a - this website has a clever design. There is the basic professional looking website that has nice flash components. what really captured my attention is the button that says 'the cows.' When this button is pressed it shows a nice looking screen about how the cows came about as their spokesperson. Soon after that page shows up a crane comes down and pulls that screen out, leaving a field in which the cows walk in with a makeshift "webpage" that tell you all about "us." Very clever. Very fun. very Effective

In and out burger - This website is simple but i like it. When you scroll over the names of the buttons it changes from a regular san sarif font to a fitting cursive font. The only thing thats really animated is the "60 years of quality taste" in the top corner. FAirly simple. And i think this was done on purpose because if you have ever been to In N Out it is the most simple resturaunt in the world. There is only 1 burger, 1 fries, and 3 milkshakes. fairly simple huh? A well done representation of the company.

Dunkin donuts - again a fairly simple website for a fairly simple buisness. When you enter the website the coffee moves around with some coffee beans in the background. As you scroll over pictures of the coffee they grow as if they are coming at the screen.

Panda express - upon entering the panda express website there was a bowl that dropped from the ceiling and fireworks that went off in celebration of the chinese new year. When you select the menu there is a whole scrolling area where you can see a picture of the food and also get a small description about the selection. A very helpful thing for people unfamiliar with chinese food. The strange thing about it is that the website does not take up the screen it stays small with a chinese background behind the smaller window.

Wendy’s - Wendy's homepage has a fun little intro where the names of burgers pop up and a little elegent box is drawn around the wendy's slogan. Something that was really fun to me was the little pop up buttons at the bottom. Simple, yet i had fun scrolling over them. When you go over one it goes down out of the screen 1st and then bounces up almost as if it stepped off a table onto a trampoline and the flew up wards and grabed some monkey bars and just hung there.... a strange analogy i know...but deal with it.

Buffalo wild wings - BEST. WEBSITE. EVER. oh my goodness. this website is out of control. When you enter there is so much going on. There is a parently a floating island with a party going on, with bottles of hotsauce taking off like rockets, a blimp, an airplane, even a little penetentary island. This website is compleate with games, a menu, a store locator, everything you could want. Also, by far, the best feature of this or any website i looked at is that there is a simple button over on the left that says "boss." When this button is pressed a quick microsoft excell spread sheet replaces the website with numbers all over it to make your self look like your working when your playing on their website when the boss is walking around. Wonderful.

Taco bell - On this website there is an interesting little mix player at the top. Where you can select diffrent mixes prepared by taco bell to listen to. They dont have words as far as i can tell. so you can just have some mood music when your gazin. The front page has their famous sauce pakets orbiting around with diffrent links written on them. For some awesome reason unknown to me there is a rap name creator. I'm J-dawg hard shell.

Sonic- the loading screen for sonic is a car driving that pulls into sonic when it is loaded. The most impressive thing about this site is that the whole interactive menu. just as you see it at sonic. there is a uqick flash animation of the 2 guys as finger puppets telling you to check it out and then the menu grows huge so that oyu have to scroll to see it all. Every menu item is clickable and tells you the nutrition facts about it and what sides and things you can get wit it.

Burger king - The best thing about this site is that the loading screen is the wrapper that a burger comes in crumpling itsself up and changing into something else before it shows you the next screen. The menu screen gives you a menu that you can click on to view a quick description of the item you clicked on as well as a picture. very easy to navigate. only one navigation pannel down at the bottom...once you find it its easy to use.

Jamba juice- i honestly didnt really check this whole website because on the 1st page there is a button that says "use chalk" and when you do you get to draw on the website....awesome

The Problem with sumo....becides that they're like 500 pounds

I think that in the town of Edmond there are so many sushi restaurants that many of them are over looked. Many of these sushi restaurants are even primarily located on Broadway.

With the amount of sushi places around Sumo needs to be brought more to peoples attention.