Sunday, September 27, 2009

Home Sweet Home...

Thursday, September 24, 2009

My Weekly "Grind"...

Well well ....we meet again. One week since we last talked....hmm....

Last friday I had a interview with Mandate Pictures (who did Juno , if you didn't know) at 5pm. So i drove down there and waited for 30 min before the lady came out and said sorry we have a deadline of some sort due in like 30 min so can we reschedule. I understood so I agreed. We still haven't set a date yet, but hopefully soon...

Saturday I acted in someones movie....hopefully it will come out good. I think i did a good job...but that remains to be seen. Man... I don't even remember what I did after that, or sunday for that matter. hmm...

Monday I got together with some friends and planned out our internet show. Me and some friends have been planning to make 3 to 5 minute episodes of a show to put on the web. Much like Ctrl or The guild or any other internet type show you might have seen. It's called "Grind" because its about a guy who works in a coffee shop. The main guy will be normal and his co-workers will be weird characters. Since it's a small coffee shop there will be a cast of like 6 people...however only like 2 will be working at a time. So the main character will always be there, cuz its about him, and there will be another one of the guys with him. So it will be a different dynamic every episode. We will also have regular customers that will frequently show up that are fun. So we took all monday night and plotted out the story arc for season one (which will have 13 episodes.) It was so exciting. We went from 8 until like 1230! It was awesome. We divided up the episodes and now we have to write the ones we were assigned by next monday. We are going to find a coffee shop that will let us film and during one of our days off we will film the entire thing in one day. It's gonna be super intense but worth it. There is a love interest with a regular customer and everything! It's exciting...have I said that already?

Tuesday i lost my little flash thumb drive and i was sad but also i showed my movie. I got a 83 :-( I won't go into the details of why because it's all stuff like "it took to long to get to the problem or you need to define your location earlier." stuff like that. But lots of people laughed so that was cool. Then that night another frustrating class of acting....I am beginning to regret it. I don't know maybe it will be better later.

Yesterday was good and bad. I got to talk to Kristi, but not on skype. She is in Shanghai now and the computer there had no camera. So we just instant messaged... Also i was sad because I talked to Jenna Ray and found out she had an ectopic pregnancy. I felt bad because i was sad for her, because i didn't know about it and felt like a terrible friend, and that I wasn't there to be there for her if she needed me. Also I made an ass of my self cuz i asked her how her baby was and it happened like a month ago....I felt so dumb.

Now I'm doing laundry! YAY! It's weird paying for Laundry. I don't like it... I don't think i will do it in the future. :-P

but to finish 'er up here is how Twilight should have ended!


PS soon there will be a sequel to Joe & His Orange.... "Joe & His Orange 2: Joe & His Blackberries" Stay tuned....

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The Best and Worst Tuesday....

Ah Yesterday! It was a glorious day but also some parts crappy! To start my day off I awoke and smiled to my self because several hours before i awoke stores began opening and selling one thing that i cared about. The new Muse CD "The Resistance."

So i prepared for the day and called my friend Joe who was eager to get this cd as well. I came and picked him up and together we journeyed up to Ameba Music ( which apparently is the largest independent music seller in the nation.) I saw that beautiful album cover and skipped with joy to the check out counter. As we drove back to the apt we listened to it and from the 1st sound that came out of the speakers I was happy. The CD over all is not very "muse-ish", its different, but in a good way. One song sounds a lot like Queen and another is very hip-hoppy. Over all pretty cool.

Then it was time for class where our 1st group of people showed their movies (one of which i was a star of.) They were all fairly good. Kelsey's (which i was in) got so many compliments. The teachers said this one really made them "feel...and that is difficult to do in a short film." I was proud, Kelsey was proud. It was awesome. They said that me and the girl i was acting with had a natural chemistry. Don't get jealous Kristi... it was all acting. :-) It was very encouraging.

Then after that it was time for the 1st of 8 acting classes i am going to be taking every Tuesday night. I was less thrilled with this. It seemed our teachers had nothing good to say about us. EVERYTHING was constructive criticism. Which is good, but not with out some positive reenforcement. So it was pretty much a "you all suck at acting class" which really hurt my spirit after such praise from the other class.

The worst part of the day was during the class Kristi started messaging me. She pays for an hour at an internet cafe and is able to skype with me and stuff. I was so upset cuz who know when i would get to talk to her again so i started texting her back to the computer. Then we got a 5 minute break. So i ripped out my laptop and signed on to skype. I was excited to hear what she thought of my gift....I sent her with an envelope that says "do not open till sept 15." Inside was a itunes gift card and a note saying Muse's album came out today... go get it. Cuz she can download it to her itouch. She told me that something was wrong cuz her touch kept saying "billing information has changed." So i went on to her itunes account to see what was wrong. I told her to get out her credit card number and see if it matched the one on itunes. She looked through her purse and started getting really upset cuz she couldn't find her credit card. She said she must have lost it or someone stole it.

I didn't know what to do! There was no way for me to make it better and i had like 30 second before class started again! I felt so helpless! I still don't know what happened cuz they made me put up my computer. It was heartbreaking to see her sad face and that being the last image i had of her before i left.

So...yeah... good and bad tuesday....


Monday, September 14, 2009

Fun shooting Cake...

We had a lot of fun helping Ellen with her video.
It wasn't a funny movie but there were alot of funny things that came
from it. Take a look at all the fun we had....WEEEEEE!

Meet Joe...this is how much he loves Oranges.

This is jeremy Navarro doing this scene and messing up alot.
This was after like 12 times of laughing and i thought i should
start capturing this...and it wasn't over yet.

This is how we make movies here.

Ellen answering her phone in the middle of a shoot
and Joe pretends he is a spaceman

Then after we were finished some of us went to the hot tub and
relaxed then some people went to the Navarro's to chill and
play games. Then it turned out we were there till 3 in the

Miss you all!


Sunday, September 13, 2009

The Shoot...

This is me livin it up in LA fools!

I shot my film this weekend. It went really well actually. Things went wrong, but we over came.

So i finally figured out what i could do with my story. Instead of a magician having his tricks go wrong i changed it just slightly to a stand up comic having his jokes go wrong. I got a crew together to help me. I brought in the crowd that i introduced you to earlier pretty much. Jeremy, Kelsey, Mike, Joe, Mitch, Brandon, Josh, and Ellen. I had Jeremy help me write the script since he is a screenwriter, he also plays the comics big brother.. Mike was my comic and Josh was the announcer person. I made josh just be the weirdest character and it looks hilarious. Brandon was my director of photography and Joe, Mitch, Ellen, and Kelsey were various tasks and audience members.

When i arrived to film at 3pm. There was still someone in there. He explained how he had an actor just not show up at 11 and he frantically rushed to find a new actor and the guy showed up at like 230. So i had a choice... I could either push them out and say "sorry, i had this room reserved and it's not my fault about your actor." or I could push back my own film to allow them to work there a bit longer. So I pushed my shoot back to 4. It turned out well anywayz cuz i was expecting us to shoot from 3 til 9 but it only took us like from 430 til 830. It was cool. It is customary that if you get actors and crew to help you out for free then you have to feed them. So i went and bought like 20 $1 burgers from mcdonalds cuz little ceasars was closed at 9! How weird! Then i brought them back and we watched the last four episodes of season 8 of Scrubs. It was awesome.

Then the day got EVEN BETTER! Because Kristi contacted me and told me to download Skype. So i did and we got to webcam! OVER THE OCEAN AND 13 TIME ZONES! YAAAAAY! She looked so beautiful! She told me about the great wall and how its hard to use Chinese computers. haha. It was a great end to the day.

Now today I have to help Ellen shoot. It will be mostly the same crowd ever since I introduced my 2 groups of friends together. YAAAAY!

Also my phone has hit a new low. It has been loosing calls more often now and also 3 of my keys have trouble working. And now the screen freaks out every now and then. So annoying. Hopefully I'll get a different one soon.

Next time I'll give you a tour of my room and maybe the school.


Thursday, September 10, 2009

The World Hates Me...

So I finally came up with a decent plot for a video that will make both me and my teachers happy. However, yesterday I find out that i have to stick to the original plot that I pitched to them last Thursday! So a whole week of planning goes out the window! So i spent all last night with some friends figuring out my new, old plot. I finally found a substitute angle that would work and knew a place in the apt complex that i could film it. I am going to do a quick story of a magician that gets nervous when his brother comes to his show and funny results happen. Whatever. It doesn't matter cuz when I went to the administration office to ask for permission to film in there they tell me that its $150 an hour! So now I have NO idea where to film or what I'm going to do and I have to film this weekend! The universe is just punishing me for something that I must have done. ARG!

On the plus side Kristi talked to me on AIM last night for an hour. It was like 10pm for me and like 11 am for her I forget. CRAZY!

I also found out my crew for the big production that we will be filming later on in the year. We have like an entire crew. We have 2 producers, a director, 2 directors of photography, a production designer, 2 editors, and 2 sound editors. I am a cinematographer on the project so thats kinda exciting. Everyone in the program wrote 10 page scripts that the teachers chose from. Mine didn't get chosen (big surprise) but my friend Jeremy Navarro's did. His is like a whacked out Tim Burton fairy tale type thing. He has kids dressed up as grotesque monsters for Halloween and they stumble into a world with real monsters like a freaky Rumpelstiltskin and pied piper. They almost get eaten by a grotesque Santa Claws and they learn their lesson about wanting monsters to be real. Real crazy messed up, but its gonna look awesome!

The script that my group got assigned is a short film about a midget detective. It will be interesting. I'm excited about it, i just wish it were longer. It sets up the crime, jokes, and has him solving the crime in under 10 minutes. So you don't have very much to work with. It just seems like there's the crime and BAM he solves it. While if it were like a CSI episode it would take a lot longer and go through more witnesses and such. Oh well. We will do the best job we can!

Pray for me that my project goes smoothly this weekend and that all the missing pieces will fall into place! I'll need it!

Also this is what spider man would be like if he only had one arm...


Monday, September 7, 2009

Lazy Monday, Wake Up In The Late Afternoon...

Hey kiddies! Not really much to report.

Sunday i acted in a film for Kelsey Navarro. It was about a guy and a girl who ride the elevator to work every day and he tries to talk to her but finds out shes deaf. So it shows their relationship as they make it through the few seconds each day that he tries to talk to her and all the while he practices sign language til the end where he starts a conversation in sign language cuz he knows it at the end....aww cute. I was the guy and Jeremy Navarro's cousin was the girl. After that the Navarro's made us dinner and then we played "LOST: The Board Game" was actually pretty fun despite it taking like 4 hours to play. We literally played it til about 4am....hence the name of my entry today.

I woke up at like 2 pm and did laundry (which i have to pay for now! UGH!) Then i was like im gonna go work out and then swim. But apparently i have to have a card and close toed shoes to work out. They randomly have workers there at the gym to make life difficult...everything is peachy when there is no worker there. So i went and swam and now i don't know what to do.

I neeeeeeed to come up with a video idea tonight! AGGG! i need to do that right now!


Sunday, September 6, 2009


I saw John Williams tonight in concert at the Hollywood Bowl! It was awesome. He played Harry Potter, Star Wars, ET, all sorts of stuff. I was kinda upset cuz he didn't play Back To The Future or Jurassic Park. I kept yelling at JW to play back to the future but he never did. However, it was funny cuz after he was done he walked off stage 4 times and came back out just for more applause! We all thought he was coming out for an encore (cuz he had already like 3 times) but this last time he just would walk off then come back and wave as he walked back to his conductors stand and then walk back off. It was pretty funny but mean at the same time. I am gonna get some pics and videos that others took so you guys can see....Man i need a digital camera.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Work Hard...Play Hard...

Hey everyone. I just got done helping my roommate Brandon with his 3-5 min film. We started at 9 and went till 5. Like a real job! I also was up at 7 am to see my lovely girlfriend Kristi off. She was waking up at 9am to get over to school so in order to see her i had to wake up at 7. So i was dead on my feet seeing her. After that I started moving crap over to our filming location. We worked long and hard and finished! Here is a picture of our crew.

The blonde right below me was the girl thats married to the guy in the way back. She cheats on him with the black guy right in the middle. The guy who's poking his head into the middle is her underling at work and best friend of her husband. He sees them and struggles with telling his friend. Eventually he tells and gets him to forgive her and she gives him a raise. Good stuff.

Here is what i did during a scene.

Yep. I'm pretty much the glue that holds the filming together.

Haha. I really did do things. They were just rehearsing the scene here, so i was just sitting off to the side. Also the characters name in the film is thats why they say "jeremy, you got the job."

Anyways now that thats over I get to star in Kelsey Navarro's film tomorrow! I'm excited!

But guess what i get to do tonight?! I am going to see John Williams in concert tonight! It's gonna be awesome! Jealous? You should be.


Most Uneventful Day Ever... was a pretty lonely day too. Jeremy and Kelsey were at their college cuz they needed to get his car (their college is only like 45 min south.) When they got there they realized that they left their keys for that car here. So they had to drive here and back and and here again. Everyone else seemed busy. So i was pretty much just by my self all day! If you know me then you know that drives me crazy! So not the best day.

Also "playing around on the internet" means watching TV shows online. haha. I'm a dork.

Seriously if you have an idea for a short 3-5 minute video please shoot it my way. Thanks

Kristi is leaving for the orient tomorrow! Pray for her! I'll miss you girl!


Thursday, September 3, 2009

New Friends...

While I have been here I have developed some new friends that I'm really excited about. They are all really cool and i like them a lot. So i wanted to show you guys all the people that replaced you. Just kidding, no one could ever replace you guys. Here are some of my friends here.

I know i promised this yesterday but the internet failed me so here it is this morning.

This is one of my four roommates. His name is Brandon. I thought he was gonna be a big meat head jock, but he's totally not. He is a really cool guy and kinda introverted but he's really a cool guy. I am his Assistant Director for his short film this weekend.

This is roommate number two. His name is Josh. He is a screenwriter and it kinda quiet and reserved but he's a fun guy. We have had a lot of fun in our room. Him and Brandon are actual roommates in the same room. My roommate is an elusive character and i didn't get a picture of him in time.

These are probably my bestest friends here. This is Jeremy and Kelsey Navarro. They are a married couple movie making team. Jeremy is a screenwriter and Kelsey is in Motion Picture Production. They are super geeks, like me, so we instantly liked each other. I spend a lot of my time in their room. We play smash bros, games, and talk about geeky things. It's pretty much awesome. Also thats Joe in the background reading a book he found called Alien Sex....weird ill get to him in a second.

This is Joe. You can add him to the long list of people who hated me when they 1st met me. He has joined the ranks of Keith, Matt, Becka, ect. ect. Joe didn't like me...number one reason he told me why he didn't like Ripstik. haha! Go figure. He thought i was a show off or something but now we are buddies.

This is Ellen. Her and the girls below I met when they were assigned to my car when we drove up to a tour of the kodak theater. And i am SO glad that they were. Ellen is a graphic designer and she is really cool. She is nice and played hangman with me while I was in a super boring class through text messaging.

This is Maggie (the blonde) and Danielle. I met them along with Ellen. These are the coolest girls here. Maggie likes jack's mannequin and Brand New and stuff and she told me about all these concerts and I am going to go too. Shes pretty crazy and goofy. Danielle i liked immediately when i talked to her. She is not at ALL afraid to tell you how she feels and what she is thinking. She told me i can make any kind of joke and never have to apologize about it if it's a bit dirty or edgy or something. She's really funny too and we have a lot of fun.

This is Mitch. He is married. Sorry ladies. His wife, however, is not here. He drove down with Joe. He's a cool guy and seems to be really goofy. However, I don't know Mitch as well but we will get there. :-)

This is Mike. He is a long time friend of Jeremy And Kelsey. Jeremy used to room with mike back at their school. So they have a funny relationship. Mike is a geek too but more like a nerd. which is funny. I don't know him too well, but i have been spending sometime with him with the Navarro's.

This is a picture that Ellen drew of me. As you can see when we played hangman she gave me the word Faux hawk. Then she drew that on top of it. I even have a little ripstik! haha.

So there you have it. Those are some of my closer friends. I hope you guys are all doing great back home! I miss you all SO much. I can't wait to see you guys at Tay's wedding. Also I am going to go to Vegas with Jeremy and Kelsey thanksgiving break i think. It will be fun!



Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Bible mobsters...

well guys. I made my 1st video today. It was terrible because we got to use no postproduction editing. We had to shoot our video in order and then that was it. Just what we shot was our video. We only had 3 hours to come up with an idea about "forgiveness" and then shoot it. So we did the story of the man who owed the king a lot of money but was forgiven and then that guy went and hustled this other dude who owed him like $10. Lifted straight from the bible. Except we used mobsters instead of kings and stuff. It was fun. If i can get it i will post it. Its pretty ridiculous.

Now i have just been working on my script all day. I have to create an about 10 page script about whatever i want. I am writing a dark comedy about 3 morticians who have lost the body of a billionaire who's body has to be on display for a funeral in a matter of hours. So that idea is going pretty well. I have about 4 pages right now and its due tomorrow.

Also for those i just told about this for my blogging purposes....Just ignore the stuff at the beginning... i had to post stuff about a website i was making last semester.

Tomorrow i will post pictures of all my new friends and roommates so that you can see what i am dealing with.

Saturday i get to meet John Williams and Friday i get to be in the audience of a sitcom. Cool stuff is happening. Also friggin Michele Gondry was here the other day and i totally friggin missed it! I was pissed.

Until tomorrow...