Saturday, September 5, 2009

Work Hard...Play Hard...

Hey everyone. I just got done helping my roommate Brandon with his 3-5 min film. We started at 9 and went till 5. Like a real job! I also was up at 7 am to see my lovely girlfriend Kristi off. She was waking up at 9am to get over to school so in order to see her i had to wake up at 7. So i was dead on my feet seeing her. After that I started moving crap over to our filming location. We worked long and hard and finished! Here is a picture of our crew.

The blonde right below me was the girl thats married to the guy in the way back. She cheats on him with the black guy right in the middle. The guy who's poking his head into the middle is her underling at work and best friend of her husband. He sees them and struggles with telling his friend. Eventually he tells and gets him to forgive her and she gives him a raise. Good stuff.

Here is what i did during a scene.

Yep. I'm pretty much the glue that holds the filming together.

Haha. I really did do things. They were just rehearsing the scene here, so i was just sitting off to the side. Also the characters name in the film is thats why they say "jeremy, you got the job."

Anyways now that thats over I get to star in Kelsey Navarro's film tomorrow! I'm excited!

But guess what i get to do tonight?! I am going to see John Williams in concert tonight! It's gonna be awesome! Jealous? You should be.


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