Monday, September 14, 2009

Fun shooting Cake...

We had a lot of fun helping Ellen with her video.
It wasn't a funny movie but there were alot of funny things that came
from it. Take a look at all the fun we had....WEEEEEE!

Meet Joe...this is how much he loves Oranges.

This is jeremy Navarro doing this scene and messing up alot.
This was after like 12 times of laughing and i thought i should
start capturing this...and it wasn't over yet.

This is how we make movies here.

Ellen answering her phone in the middle of a shoot
and Joe pretends he is a spaceman

Then after we were finished some of us went to the hot tub and
relaxed then some people went to the Navarro's to chill and
play games. Then it turned out we were there till 3 in the

Miss you all!


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