Sunday, September 13, 2009

The Shoot...

This is me livin it up in LA fools!

I shot my film this weekend. It went really well actually. Things went wrong, but we over came.

So i finally figured out what i could do with my story. Instead of a magician having his tricks go wrong i changed it just slightly to a stand up comic having his jokes go wrong. I got a crew together to help me. I brought in the crowd that i introduced you to earlier pretty much. Jeremy, Kelsey, Mike, Joe, Mitch, Brandon, Josh, and Ellen. I had Jeremy help me write the script since he is a screenwriter, he also plays the comics big brother.. Mike was my comic and Josh was the announcer person. I made josh just be the weirdest character and it looks hilarious. Brandon was my director of photography and Joe, Mitch, Ellen, and Kelsey were various tasks and audience members.

When i arrived to film at 3pm. There was still someone in there. He explained how he had an actor just not show up at 11 and he frantically rushed to find a new actor and the guy showed up at like 230. So i had a choice... I could either push them out and say "sorry, i had this room reserved and it's not my fault about your actor." or I could push back my own film to allow them to work there a bit longer. So I pushed my shoot back to 4. It turned out well anywayz cuz i was expecting us to shoot from 3 til 9 but it only took us like from 430 til 830. It was cool. It is customary that if you get actors and crew to help you out for free then you have to feed them. So i went and bought like 20 $1 burgers from mcdonalds cuz little ceasars was closed at 9! How weird! Then i brought them back and we watched the last four episodes of season 8 of Scrubs. It was awesome.

Then the day got EVEN BETTER! Because Kristi contacted me and told me to download Skype. So i did and we got to webcam! OVER THE OCEAN AND 13 TIME ZONES! YAAAAAY! She looked so beautiful! She told me about the great wall and how its hard to use Chinese computers. haha. It was a great end to the day.

Now today I have to help Ellen shoot. It will be mostly the same crowd ever since I introduced my 2 groups of friends together. YAAAAY!

Also my phone has hit a new low. It has been loosing calls more often now and also 3 of my keys have trouble working. And now the screen freaks out every now and then. So annoying. Hopefully I'll get a different one soon.

Next time I'll give you a tour of my room and maybe the school.


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