Thursday, March 26, 2009

flash intro

i decided just now to make my flash intro be a bunch of lines like the ones on the left come flying across the screen. with one big one that has Modeina Furniture or whatever fly across the screen. Infact i might just make the font of Modenia be white and everytime a line flys across the screen and touches it you will be able to read it becuase it will be on top of everything else.


my design so far

i wanted my design to be very "soft and light." compared to my sumo harsh red and blacks. So i came up with the different shades of light blue and darkish green with a white background. I kinda made the lines cross behind each other to make it look like a basket weaving type look. Giving the viewer kind of a homey type feel... of course it won't say crap...its just a prototype