Thursday, October 29, 2009

The Best Things In Life Are Free....but you still have to validate your parking..

Yesterday started off splendidly. Unfortunately it had to start at 8am! It was then that I had to leave my apartment to meet my friends Dave and Brent in front of the CBS studio. There we waited in line for 3 hours and went through processing and at 12pm we were sitting in the audience of THE PRICE IS RIGHT! Thats right! Sadly, I was not told to "come on down." Though it seemed like i was in the winners area because 3 people from around me were told to come down to contestants row. It was fun in the commercial breaks because Drew would talk and tell stories. This one random girl yelled out that he wasn't paying attention to her. She was apparently talking about Drew paying attention to one side of the audience more than the other. So Drew put on "You'll Never Find" by Lou Rawls (look it up if you don't know what it is) And he danced with her the whole commercial break. He started taking his jacket off and tie and it was all very sexy. Then 30 seconds before we came back on the air a team of makeup artists attacked him with hairbrushes, makeup, and lint rollers and fixed his tie all in a matter of seconds. CRAZY.

We clearly did a Charlie's Angels type thing...I think iI'm Lucy Lou...So look for me Jan. 11th! Ill be next to like 2 winners!

Today was even better! Well first there was work where I was asked my opinions on preliminary ideas for posters for "The Crazies" I divided them up into piles of "no way" "eh...whatever" "not to bad" and "Scrumtrelencent" So I chose like 5 to be in the best category out of like 30 posters. I showed my boss and said why and stuff. I come to find out later after a meeting...I chose every single one that the head of the company liked! How sweet is that?!

I was mega tired from not very good sleep for the past 2 weeks so I took a 3 hour nap right when I got home. Then I had class...that part wasn't that fun. However, at 630 I went out to the Arclight. I did this because I won free tickets to a movie called "Gentlemen Broncos."
The movie was made by the same guy who made Napoleon Dynamite and Nacho Libre. It was pretty dang funny. It's about a young writer who writes a scifi story and enters it in a contest to be judged by his favorite author. His favorite author then proceeds to steal his book and publish it as his own. The famous author is played by none other than Jermaine Clement from the Flight of the Conchords! To top it off.... JERMAINE WAS THERE! He came out with a mic. in character and talked for like 10 minutes! Here is his author's picture on the back of his "book."
He started his talk with something like this "Imagine a world where hyper-intelligent dinosaurs...have discovered the internet...not only discovered....but hacked into the government mainframe....Could this happen? Where could this happen? How did this happen? When did this happen?" Amazing. Simply amazing! He was right there in front of me! The movie was pretty funny too. Odd. Like all of Jared Hess's movies but still good.

Here is the book he plagiarized and me trying to mimic it.

Awesome! So its been a pretty cool 2 days! Now its back to work. We have 2 days before we film our big final project. So pray that goes well! We have to shoot Saturday and Sunday cuz thats when our actors could do it! Thats right I'm filming on Halloween...bummer. I was going to glue sponges to myself and be "Self absorbed."


Saturday, October 24, 2009


Friday night was MAN NIGHT! Whenever you said it you had to yell/grunt it. That was part of the rules of man night.

We had the night starting off with talking about manly stuff and what not! Meanwhile I whipped up some Frito casserole. Everyone enjoyed it....LIKE A MAN! As you can see, I had many different beverages to choose from for man night!

I of course chose the Cactus Cooler

Quickly after that I busted out some halloween cinnamon roles! That means the icing was ORANGE! ARRR! Then we moved into the main course... Texas Hold 'Em. We set up shop with snacks and chips (both edible and bet-able.)

but first Josh had to change in to his manliest outfit

He even sits like a man...

Soon the game was underway and Eric grew tired

Josh got out first and it looked like Michael might be next...

Right when Jeremy thought he had Mike, Mike began to turn it around....much to the dismay of Jeremy

Soon Eric got out along with Brandon and the losers were Doomed to play Madden Football on the 360!

Soon it came down to the final two....Jeremy and Mike...with Josh being Mike's sexy cheerleader...

This was Jeremy's cheerleader...

Soon enough in a Cinderella story... Mike sweeps in for the victory!

Then things started to get crazy....

Yep...all in one night. Crazy huh....

Well. It's time to go help with a Zombie film...see ya later...when i'm dead...undead really...


The Strangest Care Package...

So my mom sent me a care package today. It had a strange assortment of things and I just thought i would share.....

First off I got some Charleston Chews. Straight from good ol' Charleston! yum!

Yummy Yummy Zukini bread. I tore through most of it with in like the 1st four minutes of owning it.

I got some scary gummy spiders. They were not that gummy but they were pretty good.

I got the ugliest "sunglasses" imaginable. I put sunglasses in quotes because i don't think they really do anything. However if you look closely they UV protection sticker is on it. So maybe they are... but I don't think Elton John would touch these.

I got some spider webs that the gummy spiders produced. I packaged it but got my hand stuck in it.

There was also bubble wrap in there....bubble wrap is fun.

MY MOM SENT ME AN ARM! I was horrified to see some dismemberment sent to me in a box. I often wonder whose arm that is as it sits in my corner.

So that was the strangest care package I have ever received. Love you mom!

Love, Jeremiah

Thursday, October 22, 2009

A Moving Picture Is Worth A Jillian Words...

Well so far I have created 2 short 5 minute films in this program that some parts I am pleased, other parts I'm not. Its hit or miss. Tell me what you think of my films. Surprise, surprise, they are both comedies! Way to think outside your box Jeremy....

The ending song to You Suck entitled "Narnia Business" was made by my roommate Josh Kennedy. He is the announcer and a very funny man. You can watch it in HD!

I had the videos embedded into my blog but they are in HD and widescreen so it cut of most of the right side! So here is a link to the youtube location


This next video features a song by Ryan Parker. It's probably one of the sexiest songs I have ever heard. After my project I had 3 people come up and ask me who that was and if they could get the song. You can also watch this one in HD!

I had to totally trash my room for this and it was terrible....

Over all, I suppose I am ok with them. I am more proud of the stuff I have acted in. I'll see if I can find those on you tube! WOO!

Also as a side note.... I miss my Kristi!

Jeremiah... OUT!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Brand New, Things To Do...

I havn't had the time to report this so I will now.... Sunday night I saw Brand New in concert! It was epic. Manchester Orchestra opened for them and they were pretty intense too. I rocked twice as hard for me and Kristi. I went crazy! I thought i wasn't going to have a voice the next day but fortunately I did. The crowd was crazy we kept shoving and jumping and it was great. Brand New even played like most of their hit stuff along with stuff from the new album. I didn't expect them to do that. They played Jude law and a semester abroad and then Sevendy Times 7. They also played Glory fades and tommy gun. It was fantastic. I wish Kristi could have been there to see them...i know she would have loved it....if she could see above everyones waist.

I even looked for something for her at the merch area...but nothing was cool enough to get.

Now I had the craziest tuesday. I had like 234523 things due today. I had my movie, 2 papers, acting class, and a small project due. So I had to get all that done. It was rough....but in the end I'm done and out the other side.

I had my acting class tonight and this is one of the few times i didn't leave feeling completely defeated. So that was cool.

Also I totally forgot to put up my other video that I made...Ill do that tomorrow. I'm not particularly proud of either of the movies but they are ok I guess. I'm more proud of my acting in other peoples videos...Ill be able to show you guys those when i get back home.


Jeremiah is a taste of me as a superhero...

Sunday, October 18, 2009

A Toast To Taylor and Courtney...

I never got to make a toast at the Taylor and Courtney wedding. Though I had one prepared. I didn't want it to go to waste i guess so I typed it out so I could give it....through my blog i guess. So if I had given some sort of a toast or speech, it would have gone something like this....and just for Taylor... it's in Helvetica...

I have known Taylor for only about 4 years. Not terribly long in terms of a friendship, but the relationship we have developed over those short years has made a lasting impression that will echo through out my life. I consider him my best friend and maybe the best friend I have ever had. I love him.

However, that is nothing compared to the friendship and love I have seen in his and Courtney’s relationship. I think it might be safe to say that I, above everyone else, have had the privilege of seeing their relationship grow the most. I can’t precisely remember when I met courtney or how our relationship grew but I came to love her as quickly as Taylor. Living with Taylor for the past years there have been many times where I have been the 3rd wheel in our room as we all watch a movie, a TV show, eat dinner, or play games. Needless to say I have been with Courtney and Taylor quite a bit and never in my whole life have I seen such a wonderful, godly, and inspiring relationship.

I have gone to church with them and seen there passion for the Lord. I have watched them selflessly help with many events and organizations that benefit the poor and the poor in spirit. I have had them pray over me and bless me with encouragement. I have seen them map out their lives in order to live it to God’s will. I have witnesses their capacity for love and seen it played out in their actions and words.

I don’t know if I will ever see a love more powerful than theirs, but I can only hope that mine might equal, even if only, just a fraction of what they have. If I could achieve even a portion of what they have I know I would be happy the rest of my life. They are the love that inspires me. They are the love I want to model my own relationships after.

Though I lament relinquishing him to his new roommate, I know I wouldn’t have it any other way. Courtney is who he is supposed to be with. No question. I would wish them the best of luck, but I know they won’t need it. They have God, a blessed relationship, and each other and that is worth all the luck you could ever imagine.

I have no advice to give because anything I could ever say about this subject will never be as beautiful, accurate, or eloquent as the words written by Paul in 1 Corinthians chapter 13 “Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It is not rude, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always trusts, always hopes always perseveres. Love never fails.”

I love you Taylor and Courtney Walling.

With All the Love I Can Give,


The Longest Weekend...

It has been a week since I have adorned anything upon this blog. This past week was pretty busy. I filmed on monday and that went alright. I'm not very happy with my outcome because I wrote the script in haste and its not very good. So we will see how it turns out. I don't even know what I did this past week.... I just know that today was a long day. I was the director of photography for a film from 10 til 5 and then an actor in another from 5 til 10. Whew. Tough stuff.
The acting was great fun. I got to dress up in a ridiculous superhero outfit...very tight spandex. The story was I'm with my girlfriend and she takes me to go meet her dad and it turns out its my nemesis... Dr. Nefarious! So then we have this great like mystery men slash Dr. Horrible type dinner and stuff and it was alot of fun. It too from 5 to 10 when it should have taken 5 til 8. It was very short but me and the other Jeremy kept making stuff up and laughing every take. So it took along time. Also the script didn't make sense so we rewrote it...I came up with a twist ending! YAY me! haha.

After that we went and got slurpees at the 7/11 that DOESN'T sell gas....but i have forgiven it for the slurpees. Also because i bought Monsters VS. Aliens from the redbox outside. Seven bucks baby!

I have 2 papers and a project due on tuesday. However, i have to help filming tomorrow and then go gander at a location for another shoot AND then go to a concert...that part will be fun. But it kinda leaves me no time to edit. Because i have to go to my internship from 9 to 5 monday! woo! looks like late night editing for me!

I will be so happy when these next 3 days are over. After tuesday I do not have to make another film. So thats kinda sad actually but on the plus side we don't have to go to class on thursday afternoons any more. So thats free! WOO! Now we focus on our big project in groups!

Have a good night. I think I might sleepy sleep now.


Monday, October 12, 2009

The NC Disaster...

What you are about to hear is a true story. Real experiences! Autobiographical raps. Things that happened to me! All true! Bring the rhyme!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

By The Powers Vested In Me...

I caught david blogging on my computer so I thought it
was as good of a time as any to do an update.

If you were wondering yes, I put that cufflink on so I could show it to you and yes, I got very teary eyed at the
wedding and i cried a bit. What of it?!

It was romantic and beautiful and I will not apologize for
my actions!

ugh I gotta film tomorrow! goodnight!


Friday, October 2, 2009

Kyle Turman: Friend, Lover, Graphic Designer....

This post goes out to Kyle Turman! Last night we were talking and he told me he was bored earlier so he whipped up something for me in like 5 minutes. Just for no reason and out of the blue!

So now you can see my new logo banner deal at the top that Kyle made for me!

He is a beautiful man. Thanks buddy! I can't wait to come back to OC!


Thursday, October 1, 2009

My Buddy Buster...

Hey great news every one! I start next week at my internship at the creative advertising department of Overture Films! Thats exciting! I am really looking forward to it. Thanks for all the prayers.

Also Tuesday a film that I acted in showed. I was really flattered because the teacher singled me out in front of the whole class and out of the 5 films showed and said he "always enjoys my performances." Which I was really flattered and surprised me because I have only really acted in one or two other films so far, while other people seem to be in a lot more. So that really made me happy.

Other news?

Tonight was awesome. I got to hang out a bit with none other than Tony Hale or as all of you might know him as Buster Bluth. It was awesome. He told us a bit about how he got into the acting biz and told us some fun stories and such. I had him sign my Arrested Development disc.

Here is me chillin' with good ol' Buster.

Yeah, so you can start being jealous whenever you want.

Hope everyone is having a good time back home! See you soon!


PS also i started doing my hair in this weird side wave thing...I kinda like it...what does everyone else think?