Thursday, October 22, 2009

A Moving Picture Is Worth A Jillian Words...

Well so far I have created 2 short 5 minute films in this program that some parts I am pleased, other parts I'm not. Its hit or miss. Tell me what you think of my films. Surprise, surprise, they are both comedies! Way to think outside your box Jeremy....

The ending song to You Suck entitled "Narnia Business" was made by my roommate Josh Kennedy. He is the announcer and a very funny man. You can watch it in HD!

I had the videos embedded into my blog but they are in HD and widescreen so it cut of most of the right side! So here is a link to the youtube location


This next video features a song by Ryan Parker. It's probably one of the sexiest songs I have ever heard. After my project I had 3 people come up and ask me who that was and if they could get the song. You can also watch this one in HD!

I had to totally trash my room for this and it was terrible....

Over all, I suppose I am ok with them. I am more proud of the stuff I have acted in. I'll see if I can find those on you tube! WOO!

Also as a side note.... I miss my Kristi!

Jeremiah... OUT!

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