Thursday, October 29, 2009

The Best Things In Life Are Free....but you still have to validate your parking..

Yesterday started off splendidly. Unfortunately it had to start at 8am! It was then that I had to leave my apartment to meet my friends Dave and Brent in front of the CBS studio. There we waited in line for 3 hours and went through processing and at 12pm we were sitting in the audience of THE PRICE IS RIGHT! Thats right! Sadly, I was not told to "come on down." Though it seemed like i was in the winners area because 3 people from around me were told to come down to contestants row. It was fun in the commercial breaks because Drew would talk and tell stories. This one random girl yelled out that he wasn't paying attention to her. She was apparently talking about Drew paying attention to one side of the audience more than the other. So Drew put on "You'll Never Find" by Lou Rawls (look it up if you don't know what it is) And he danced with her the whole commercial break. He started taking his jacket off and tie and it was all very sexy. Then 30 seconds before we came back on the air a team of makeup artists attacked him with hairbrushes, makeup, and lint rollers and fixed his tie all in a matter of seconds. CRAZY.

We clearly did a Charlie's Angels type thing...I think iI'm Lucy Lou...So look for me Jan. 11th! Ill be next to like 2 winners!

Today was even better! Well first there was work where I was asked my opinions on preliminary ideas for posters for "The Crazies" I divided them up into piles of "no way" "eh...whatever" "not to bad" and "Scrumtrelencent" So I chose like 5 to be in the best category out of like 30 posters. I showed my boss and said why and stuff. I come to find out later after a meeting...I chose every single one that the head of the company liked! How sweet is that?!

I was mega tired from not very good sleep for the past 2 weeks so I took a 3 hour nap right when I got home. Then I had class...that part wasn't that fun. However, at 630 I went out to the Arclight. I did this because I won free tickets to a movie called "Gentlemen Broncos."
The movie was made by the same guy who made Napoleon Dynamite and Nacho Libre. It was pretty dang funny. It's about a young writer who writes a scifi story and enters it in a contest to be judged by his favorite author. His favorite author then proceeds to steal his book and publish it as his own. The famous author is played by none other than Jermaine Clement from the Flight of the Conchords! To top it off.... JERMAINE WAS THERE! He came out with a mic. in character and talked for like 10 minutes! Here is his author's picture on the back of his "book."
He started his talk with something like this "Imagine a world where hyper-intelligent dinosaurs...have discovered the internet...not only discovered....but hacked into the government mainframe....Could this happen? Where could this happen? How did this happen? When did this happen?" Amazing. Simply amazing! He was right there in front of me! The movie was pretty funny too. Odd. Like all of Jared Hess's movies but still good.

Here is the book he plagiarized and me trying to mimic it.

Awesome! So its been a pretty cool 2 days! Now its back to work. We have 2 days before we film our big final project. So pray that goes well! We have to shoot Saturday and Sunday cuz thats when our actors could do it! Thats right I'm filming on Halloween...bummer. I was going to glue sponges to myself and be "Self absorbed."


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