Saturday, October 24, 2009

The Strangest Care Package...

So my mom sent me a care package today. It had a strange assortment of things and I just thought i would share.....

First off I got some Charleston Chews. Straight from good ol' Charleston! yum!

Yummy Yummy Zukini bread. I tore through most of it with in like the 1st four minutes of owning it.

I got some scary gummy spiders. They were not that gummy but they were pretty good.

I got the ugliest "sunglasses" imaginable. I put sunglasses in quotes because i don't think they really do anything. However if you look closely they UV protection sticker is on it. So maybe they are... but I don't think Elton John would touch these.

I got some spider webs that the gummy spiders produced. I packaged it but got my hand stuck in it.

There was also bubble wrap in there....bubble wrap is fun.

MY MOM SENT ME AN ARM! I was horrified to see some dismemberment sent to me in a box. I often wonder whose arm that is as it sits in my corner.

So that was the strangest care package I have ever received. Love you mom!

Love, Jeremiah

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