Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Brand New, Things To Do...

I havn't had the time to report this so I will now.... Sunday night I saw Brand New in concert! It was epic. Manchester Orchestra opened for them and they were pretty intense too. I rocked twice as hard for me and Kristi. I went crazy! I thought i wasn't going to have a voice the next day but fortunately I did. The crowd was crazy we kept shoving and jumping and it was great. Brand New even played like most of their hit stuff along with stuff from the new album. I didn't expect them to do that. They played Jude law and a semester abroad and then Sevendy Times 7. They also played Glory fades and tommy gun. It was fantastic. I wish Kristi could have been there to see them...i know she would have loved it....if she could see above everyones waist.

I even looked for something for her at the merch area...but nothing was cool enough to get.

Now I had the craziest tuesday. I had like 234523 things due today. I had my movie, 2 papers, acting class, and a small project due. So I had to get all that done. It was rough....but in the end I'm done and out the other side.

I had my acting class tonight and this is one of the few times i didn't leave feeling completely defeated. So that was cool.

Also I totally forgot to put up my other video that I made...Ill do that tomorrow. I'm not particularly proud of either of the movies but they are ok I guess. I'm more proud of my acting in other peoples videos...Ill be able to show you guys those when i get back home.


Jeremiah is a taste of me as a superhero...

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