Sunday, October 18, 2009

The Longest Weekend...

It has been a week since I have adorned anything upon this blog. This past week was pretty busy. I filmed on monday and that went alright. I'm not very happy with my outcome because I wrote the script in haste and its not very good. So we will see how it turns out. I don't even know what I did this past week.... I just know that today was a long day. I was the director of photography for a film from 10 til 5 and then an actor in another from 5 til 10. Whew. Tough stuff.
The acting was great fun. I got to dress up in a ridiculous superhero outfit...very tight spandex. The story was I'm with my girlfriend and she takes me to go meet her dad and it turns out its my nemesis... Dr. Nefarious! So then we have this great like mystery men slash Dr. Horrible type dinner and stuff and it was alot of fun. It too from 5 to 10 when it should have taken 5 til 8. It was very short but me and the other Jeremy kept making stuff up and laughing every take. So it took along time. Also the script didn't make sense so we rewrote it...I came up with a twist ending! YAY me! haha.

After that we went and got slurpees at the 7/11 that DOESN'T sell gas....but i have forgiven it for the slurpees. Also because i bought Monsters VS. Aliens from the redbox outside. Seven bucks baby!

I have 2 papers and a project due on tuesday. However, i have to help filming tomorrow and then go gander at a location for another shoot AND then go to a concert...that part will be fun. But it kinda leaves me no time to edit. Because i have to go to my internship from 9 to 5 monday! woo! looks like late night editing for me!

I will be so happy when these next 3 days are over. After tuesday I do not have to make another film. So thats kinda sad actually but on the plus side we don't have to go to class on thursday afternoons any more. So thats free! WOO! Now we focus on our big project in groups!

Have a good night. I think I might sleepy sleep now.


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