Thursday, September 3, 2009

New Friends...

While I have been here I have developed some new friends that I'm really excited about. They are all really cool and i like them a lot. So i wanted to show you guys all the people that replaced you. Just kidding, no one could ever replace you guys. Here are some of my friends here.

I know i promised this yesterday but the internet failed me so here it is this morning.

This is one of my four roommates. His name is Brandon. I thought he was gonna be a big meat head jock, but he's totally not. He is a really cool guy and kinda introverted but he's really a cool guy. I am his Assistant Director for his short film this weekend.

This is roommate number two. His name is Josh. He is a screenwriter and it kinda quiet and reserved but he's a fun guy. We have had a lot of fun in our room. Him and Brandon are actual roommates in the same room. My roommate is an elusive character and i didn't get a picture of him in time.

These are probably my bestest friends here. This is Jeremy and Kelsey Navarro. They are a married couple movie making team. Jeremy is a screenwriter and Kelsey is in Motion Picture Production. They are super geeks, like me, so we instantly liked each other. I spend a lot of my time in their room. We play smash bros, games, and talk about geeky things. It's pretty much awesome. Also thats Joe in the background reading a book he found called Alien Sex....weird ill get to him in a second.

This is Joe. You can add him to the long list of people who hated me when they 1st met me. He has joined the ranks of Keith, Matt, Becka, ect. ect. Joe didn't like me...number one reason he told me why he didn't like Ripstik. haha! Go figure. He thought i was a show off or something but now we are buddies.

This is Ellen. Her and the girls below I met when they were assigned to my car when we drove up to a tour of the kodak theater. And i am SO glad that they were. Ellen is a graphic designer and she is really cool. She is nice and played hangman with me while I was in a super boring class through text messaging.

This is Maggie (the blonde) and Danielle. I met them along with Ellen. These are the coolest girls here. Maggie likes jack's mannequin and Brand New and stuff and she told me about all these concerts and I am going to go too. Shes pretty crazy and goofy. Danielle i liked immediately when i talked to her. She is not at ALL afraid to tell you how she feels and what she is thinking. She told me i can make any kind of joke and never have to apologize about it if it's a bit dirty or edgy or something. She's really funny too and we have a lot of fun.

This is Mitch. He is married. Sorry ladies. His wife, however, is not here. He drove down with Joe. He's a cool guy and seems to be really goofy. However, I don't know Mitch as well but we will get there. :-)

This is Mike. He is a long time friend of Jeremy And Kelsey. Jeremy used to room with mike back at their school. So they have a funny relationship. Mike is a geek too but more like a nerd. which is funny. I don't know him too well, but i have been spending sometime with him with the Navarro's.

This is a picture that Ellen drew of me. As you can see when we played hangman she gave me the word Faux hawk. Then she drew that on top of it. I even have a little ripstik! haha.

So there you have it. Those are some of my closer friends. I hope you guys are all doing great back home! I miss you all SO much. I can't wait to see you guys at Tay's wedding. Also I am going to go to Vegas with Jeremy and Kelsey thanksgiving break i think. It will be fun!



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