Monday, September 7, 2009

Lazy Monday, Wake Up In The Late Afternoon...

Hey kiddies! Not really much to report.

Sunday i acted in a film for Kelsey Navarro. It was about a guy and a girl who ride the elevator to work every day and he tries to talk to her but finds out shes deaf. So it shows their relationship as they make it through the few seconds each day that he tries to talk to her and all the while he practices sign language til the end where he starts a conversation in sign language cuz he knows it at the end....aww cute. I was the guy and Jeremy Navarro's cousin was the girl. After that the Navarro's made us dinner and then we played "LOST: The Board Game" was actually pretty fun despite it taking like 4 hours to play. We literally played it til about 4am....hence the name of my entry today.

I woke up at like 2 pm and did laundry (which i have to pay for now! UGH!) Then i was like im gonna go work out and then swim. But apparently i have to have a card and close toed shoes to work out. They randomly have workers there at the gym to make life difficult...everything is peachy when there is no worker there. So i went and swam and now i don't know what to do.

I neeeeeeed to come up with a video idea tonight! AGGG! i need to do that right now!


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