Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The Best and Worst Tuesday....

Ah Yesterday! It was a glorious day but also some parts crappy! To start my day off I awoke and smiled to my self because several hours before i awoke stores began opening and selling one thing that i cared about. The new Muse CD "The Resistance."

So i prepared for the day and called my friend Joe who was eager to get this cd as well. I came and picked him up and together we journeyed up to Ameba Music ( which apparently is the largest independent music seller in the nation.) I saw that beautiful album cover and skipped with joy to the check out counter. As we drove back to the apt we listened to it and from the 1st sound that came out of the speakers I was happy. The CD over all is not very "muse-ish", its different, but in a good way. One song sounds a lot like Queen and another is very hip-hoppy. Over all pretty cool.

Then it was time for class where our 1st group of people showed their movies (one of which i was a star of.) They were all fairly good. Kelsey's (which i was in) got so many compliments. The teachers said this one really made them "feel...and that is difficult to do in a short film." I was proud, Kelsey was proud. It was awesome. They said that me and the girl i was acting with had a natural chemistry. Don't get jealous Kristi... it was all acting. :-) It was very encouraging.

Then after that it was time for the 1st of 8 acting classes i am going to be taking every Tuesday night. I was less thrilled with this. It seemed our teachers had nothing good to say about us. EVERYTHING was constructive criticism. Which is good, but not with out some positive reenforcement. So it was pretty much a "you all suck at acting class" which really hurt my spirit after such praise from the other class.

The worst part of the day was during the class Kristi started messaging me. She pays for an hour at an internet cafe and is able to skype with me and stuff. I was so upset cuz who know when i would get to talk to her again so i started texting her back to the computer. Then we got a 5 minute break. So i ripped out my laptop and signed on to skype. I was excited to hear what she thought of my gift....I sent her with an envelope that says "do not open till sept 15." Inside was a itunes gift card and a note saying Muse's album came out today... go get it. Cuz she can download it to her itouch. She told me that something was wrong cuz her touch kept saying "billing information has changed." So i went on to her itunes account to see what was wrong. I told her to get out her credit card number and see if it matched the one on itunes. She looked through her purse and started getting really upset cuz she couldn't find her credit card. She said she must have lost it or someone stole it.

I didn't know what to do! There was no way for me to make it better and i had like 30 second before class started again! I felt so helpless! I still don't know what happened cuz they made me put up my computer. It was heartbreaking to see her sad face and that being the last image i had of her before i left.

So...yeah... good and bad tuesday....


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