Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Bible mobsters...

well guys. I made my 1st video today. It was terrible because we got to use no postproduction editing. We had to shoot our video in order and then that was it. Just what we shot was our video. We only had 3 hours to come up with an idea about "forgiveness" and then shoot it. So we did the story of the man who owed the king a lot of money but was forgiven and then that guy went and hustled this other dude who owed him like $10. Lifted straight from the bible. Except we used mobsters instead of kings and stuff. It was fun. If i can get it i will post it. Its pretty ridiculous.

Now i have just been working on my script all day. I have to create an about 10 page script about whatever i want. I am writing a dark comedy about 3 morticians who have lost the body of a billionaire who's body has to be on display for a funeral in a matter of hours. So that idea is going pretty well. I have about 4 pages right now and its due tomorrow.

Also for those i just told about this for my blogging purposes....Just ignore the stuff at the beginning... i had to post stuff about a website i was making last semester.

Tomorrow i will post pictures of all my new friends and roommates so that you can see what i am dealing with.

Saturday i get to meet John Williams and Friday i get to be in the audience of a sitcom. Cool stuff is happening. Also friggin Michele Gondry was here the other day and i totally friggin missed it! I was pissed.

Until tomorrow...

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