Thursday, September 10, 2009

The World Hates Me...

So I finally came up with a decent plot for a video that will make both me and my teachers happy. However, yesterday I find out that i have to stick to the original plot that I pitched to them last Thursday! So a whole week of planning goes out the window! So i spent all last night with some friends figuring out my new, old plot. I finally found a substitute angle that would work and knew a place in the apt complex that i could film it. I am going to do a quick story of a magician that gets nervous when his brother comes to his show and funny results happen. Whatever. It doesn't matter cuz when I went to the administration office to ask for permission to film in there they tell me that its $150 an hour! So now I have NO idea where to film or what I'm going to do and I have to film this weekend! The universe is just punishing me for something that I must have done. ARG!

On the plus side Kristi talked to me on AIM last night for an hour. It was like 10pm for me and like 11 am for her I forget. CRAZY!

I also found out my crew for the big production that we will be filming later on in the year. We have like an entire crew. We have 2 producers, a director, 2 directors of photography, a production designer, 2 editors, and 2 sound editors. I am a cinematographer on the project so thats kinda exciting. Everyone in the program wrote 10 page scripts that the teachers chose from. Mine didn't get chosen (big surprise) but my friend Jeremy Navarro's did. His is like a whacked out Tim Burton fairy tale type thing. He has kids dressed up as grotesque monsters for Halloween and they stumble into a world with real monsters like a freaky Rumpelstiltskin and pied piper. They almost get eaten by a grotesque Santa Claws and they learn their lesson about wanting monsters to be real. Real crazy messed up, but its gonna look awesome!

The script that my group got assigned is a short film about a midget detective. It will be interesting. I'm excited about it, i just wish it were longer. It sets up the crime, jokes, and has him solving the crime in under 10 minutes. So you don't have very much to work with. It just seems like there's the crime and BAM he solves it. While if it were like a CSI episode it would take a lot longer and go through more witnesses and such. Oh well. We will do the best job we can!

Pray for me that my project goes smoothly this weekend and that all the missing pieces will fall into place! I'll need it!

Also this is what spider man would be like if he only had one arm...


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