Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Alas...the stage! It calls to me!

Yeah so I worked through my lunch break so I could go see Unbound perform. It was a great time!

After seeing this and hearing the laugher I just knew this wasn't the end of me doing skits and such. I wanted to run up there so bad and join the skits...but I couldn't. My time is over. It was a very happy and sad experience for me. I didn't really know how to feel. I'm still kinda sorting through my feelings like dirty laundry.

The cool thing was that some kid asked how the group was started and I was pointed to in the back. They then demanded an encore but since they didn't have any other skits or storytimes that didn't involve me they asked me to come narrate Abraham. Sadly and thankfully there wasn't enough time for one more....cuz i don't know if i would have remembered all the narrations. So we just sang a few of our songs which i remembered, of course.

Then they were all demanding autographs after the show and I stood of to the side. One older girl remembered me and asked me to sign their card....then EEEVERYONE wanted me to sign their card....I didn't even do anything .... I felt weird. I didn't deserve to sign anything. I am happy to sign something if I actually perform, but I didn't and it was strange....

Anwayz. Unbound is here. Time to go. lata.

PRay for my lesson tomorrow


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