Saturday, December 5, 2009

My Last Week In LA....

Alright! It is down to the final days! I have less than a week left here in LA before I start making the drive home!

It's been amazing here and now I really wish I didn't have to leave. Though I am looking forward to my good friends, walmart, parking lots, cheaper gas and just lower prices in general! It's gonna be great!

I didn't think I would want to stay here when i arrived but now I'm not so sure. Now I think I would love to live with the people I have met here (many of whom are staying and living together)

So maybe I'll come back in the fall or something and get to work on projects with Jeremy, Kelsey, Josh and whoever else will come take part in our shenanigans! Anywayz heres some starter news...

Oh man last tuesday the most amazing thing happened! Me, Brandon, Jeremy, Kelsey, and Eric went to BUFFALO WILD WINGS!

It's almost like a 3 hour mission cuz of how long it takes to get there, eat, and get back but its so worth it! It was one of the most fun trips! As we were driving we had a great time talking and what not and when we got to BWW we watched monster truck and air shows on the TV! awesome! We couldn't make it thursday so I had to settle for the regular wings but they were still incredible.

My mom sent me a gift card so I didn't have to pay a thing! It got even better because we went next door to Coldstone and got some ice cream.

I used a gift card to there to get everyone ice cream!

The total was 15.40 and there was 15.70 left on the card. Perfect...but what to do with the 30 cents....hmmm....So i used the gift card to buy 10 gummi bears! Worth every penny!

Then on the way home Jeremy didn't want to hold his empty cup any more so at a red light he jumped out of the car and ran to a trash can and threw it away. Meanwhile the light had turned green and he was all stressed out about getting to the car but we made it!

There were many inside jokes made but explaining them would not be funny to anyone else...But just know there was nothing but joy on that trip and so much smiling and trip ever.

Guys! BITE is going out of control! It's coming together so well! Take a look at what happened this last weekend!

Incredible! So don't forget to subscribe! It should be fun!

I'll be seeing all of you at home soon. For those of you here in LA I will miss you immensely! I don't mean that lightly. I truly have grown to love you all and I hope to keep in contact with all of you. Much love!


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