Tuesday, May 11, 2010

All Aboard....

All right N00bs and N00bets! I'm back on the blogging train!

I am about to embark (yep still continuing with the train analogy) on a journey as a intern youth minister at the Legacy Church of Christ. So I decided this was a good of a time as any to start up blogging again. This way anyone who cares about me back at OC or something can see what I'm up too.

So here is the info since i last entered a post. I am now graduated. I graduated with a degree in Creative Media (Aka film).

Thats about all worth mentioning. haha.

Legacy has a special place in my heart because if i recall correctly it was one of the first (if not the first) places that Unbound performed on their very first summer on tour. We stayed there like 2 days and really got to know the kids well. Now its been 5 years since that time and all those kids have graduated but I still am excited.

I am working on getting an imac seen here....

This will allow me to edit videos with ease and will just be a nice addition to my like for the foreseeable future. This imac is made possible by past Jeremy. Who deposited money over the years and then forgot about his savings account. Present Jeremy was reminded of that account and when he looked into it low and behold $3000.

Winner winner chicken dinner.

Thanks past jeremy.

So now I can get this computer with money to spare and also get the profits from working for Legacy to get an apt up in edmond when the summer is over. YAY!

Also Courtney Price, old friend from elementary school, contacted me to help her film something this friday because she too is a film major. Fancy that.

To quote Kronk from the Emperor's New Groove "Oh yeah... It's all comin together."


  1. I love that you quoted the Emperor's new groove. Anyhow.. look at me.. I am on the blogging train now too! Wahoo!

  2. i will undoubtedly be following this - - so make it interesting :P miss you!