Thursday, May 13, 2010

Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?

Something weird is happening.

I went to bed last night at like 3-ish. That part isn't out of the ordinary. The strange part was that i couldn't sleep. I tossed and turned and finally gave up at like 4:45. I then proceeded to get up and shower and watch episodes of TV on Hulu.

At 730 I went to a prayer breakfast at Chic-fil-a with some of my youth group kids that invited me yesterday.

So here I am... 8 am....quite literally about maybe 1 hour of sleep....but oddly feeling fine. Strange. Maybe I'm becoming a super human that doesn't have to sleep. Hopefully.

Anywayz the rest of yesterday was good. Just as i predicted. Yesterday I went to wednesday night church at Legacy and met lots of kids. I tried super hard to remember all their names. I have a terrible memory for names. I remembered a lot though. I was proud.

After church I celebrated my BWW anniversary. I ate them while watching How I Met Your Mother. Delicious.

Also I found out yesterday that like every awesome movie about the future or alternate timelines or any awesome movie is based off books and short stories by like one guy!

Philip K. Dick!

Amazing! I'm defiantly going to go find all his books and read them. Short stories and books of his that have been turned in to movies....

Blade Runner
Minority Report (if you know me, you know this is like one of my favorite movies)
Total Recall
A Scanner Darkly

and soon a movie called The Adjustment Bureau... Looks awesome. Look it up.

So that totally blew my mind yesterday! So I'm going to half-price books today to look for them!

by the way book title for Blade Runner: "Do androids dream of electric sheep?"

Best book name ever!

Also... hair cut soon....

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  1. Seriously...With the exception of Next (which was alright, not terrible), all those movies are pretty awesome. Minority Report, Total Recall, and A Scanner Darkly are definitely sweet.