Monday, May 24, 2010

Intern Initiation...

So heres how it all went down.

Saturday afternoon I went to eat with the other intern for the Legacy Church of Christ, Stephanie Bertot, and 3 girls from the youth group. She had been the intern last year so she knew them from last summer. She told me how her car got pranked like 8 times last summer. When the girls inquired about my car I told them they will never know...

but they saw my car when we left the restaurant.

They then proceeded to follow me home to see where I live.

I went into my house and opened the blinds so I could see if my car were attacked. About 930 I saw some car pull up, turn off, and someone approached my car. I had already planned to go to a movie with a friend so I decided it was time to leave.

I walked outside and gave the car an evil eye. As I drove away the car turned on and followed me. So with some fancy driving and making it through a yellow light and it turning red letting no one else pass, I ditched them.

I proceeded to pick up my friend and go to see shrek 4. (which was terrible by the way)

When I left the theater I was surprised to find my car saran wrapped, stringed, toilet papered, ribboned, and written on. I was very impressed.

How did they find me? There was no way they could have tailed me.

I later found out that they just guessed where I was going and they got lucky that I did go there.

They won this round, but revenge will be mine yet!


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