Friday, May 14, 2010

Sweet Summer Movies....

This summer is going to be a great summer for movies. For the next few weeks there will be a movie released every friday that I want to see. I marked all the movies i wanted to see down on my calendar so that i would remember when they came out. In case you don't know what is coming out soon allow me to enlighten you...

today (may 14) - Robin Hood
May 21 - Shrek 4, MacGruber
May 28 - PRINCE OF PERSIA! (going to be SO awesome)
June 4 - nothin I care about....just David Bowdens wedding!
June 18th - Toy Story 3
July 2 - THE LAST AIRBENDER (gonna be even better than prince of persia i bet!)
July 9 - Despicable me
July 16 - Inception (defiantly going to blow peoples minds)
Aug 6 - The oOher Guys
Aug 13 - SCOTT PILGRIM VS THE WORLD!! (going to be so incredible!)

So thats the movies I want to see this summer. It's gonna be epic.

Also I got a hair cut... enjoy.




  1. I like the scruffy jeremy

  2. I do like the long hair! But you look sharp!

  3. Kelsey NerdvarroMay 16, 2010 at 11:42 PM

    Oh my gosh. You like as young as your gf now. I'm amazed.