Sunday, November 22, 2009

BITE Moving Forward...

Well hey there peoples! I have missed you! Things are going super well here! We had a bunch of preproduction this week for BITE! Some of that preproduction was making me look more like a vampire. Translation: Dye my hair.... so here I am with my new hair.

Pretty intense right? The pictures don't really do the color justice. It is a reddish brown. It has a fairly strong red tint to it. It looks awesome. I have never dyed my hair before and it was fun. I really like my natural color but change is fun for a while. I love this color.

Some other preproduction was ...research. So we all went and saw New Moon. It was a pretty cool movie i guess. It was alot of talking and relationships but there was some SWEET vampire fighting at the end! I loved it. Over all I enjoyed the movie. I am team Jessica. haha. She's bella's human friend that went to see the movie with her. She was hilarious in this movie even tho she was in it very minimally.

Anywayz this thursday we started filming. We filmed a couple scenes in a bedroom that were short and not involving me. But yesterday we got up at 7am to begin filming. We traveled down south 30 min to an awesome park and a school that would let us film on their campus. We are using an area as the "town line" between Humantown and Vampiretown....much like chinatown or something. We filmed most of the town line scenes before the clouds went away and it started getting to bright.

So we went to the park and filmed some really intense running scenes and an intense scene between me and Ellen. oh man! We looked at it later and color corrected some of it and it look SO GOOD! OH MY GOODNESS! I can't wait for this to be released. It was a heck of a lot of fun too. We took some amazing looking pictures. They will be released soon. We have to sort through them and pick some of the best ones and edit them and make them look even sexier! So I expect those will be released sometime this week or next week. Rest assured you guys will be the 1st people to see these!

Then after filming some of us all came back to the room and we all had a pasta dinner. Then me and Jeremy and Eric played New Super Mario Wii! We were on the second to last level and we beat the game! YAY!

Very satisfying day.

I'll be back at OC on Dec 14th. I know its during finals week but hopefully I'll be able to hang out with most of you. It will be great to see everyone!


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