Sunday, November 15, 2009


Today was one of the funnest days! So my friend Kelsey is making a documentary on the Twilight craze and yesterday me and brandon went with her down to Santa Monica to the theater where New Moon will premiere.
There we talked and interviewed several people that have been camped out for the premiere since thursday and the premiere is on Monday! It was fun. We talked to members of a website called "Twilight Mom." Awesome.

There were some 36 year old women who met at the line for Twilight last year and then they became best friends and last year flew to Italy to go set stalking for some of the scenes shot in Italy for New Moon. Crazy. There were some ridiculous stuff. There were also five 16 year old girls camped out that we interviewed that had their dad there with them! Poor guy.

We also saw the creator of the Twilight and New Moon board game and he challenged a bunch of people to the game and whoever beat him would get the game. It was really funny watching all of the people playing trivia for New Moon and stuff. Haha.

Later that night me and Jeremy, Kelsey, Brandon, and Josh went to the center and hung out. We watched Twilight for some research for 2 projects we are working on for kinda spoofs on it. Hopefully they will go well.

One project is a short webseries that will be like a spoof of Twilight. Tentatively called BITE.

The other project is a Twilight Rap.... Josh Kennedy is nearly finished with it and from what I have heard so far....oooh its gonna be funny!

Last night Jeremy got on a roll and he wrote like 10 short scripts for the mini episodes for the webseries we are going to try to film that is kinda like a Twilight spoof. It was crazy. We are going to have a meeting tonight to discuss everything! I'm so excited! I get to be a vampire! I might have to dye my hair some color so I look more vampire-y! I have always wanted an excuse to dye my hair some color....mostly black. But they said black would make me look more like a punk or something instead of a we will see what happens.

Also If you havn't seen this SNL spoof of Twilight....very worth it!

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